1st annual Clash with Cancer Huge Success

On Saturday, July 9th, 2016 both the Philadelphia Fight and the USARL experienced many firsts – The first youth touch match and the first reserve grade match, but the biggest first of them all was The 1st Annual Clash with Cancer.

This year the Fight joined forces with The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation to help in the battle against childhood cancer.  Through their B+ Heroes program the Fight were partnered with Sebastian, a 5-year-old Philadelphia Native diagnosed with Post Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disease (PTLD).

Sebastian with his family and friends, arrived to A.A. Garthwaite Stadium on Saturday to clear skies and packed stands as the crowd was ready to cheer on our honorary captain as he led the Fight to victory.

rd 5 sabastian

After our warm-ups, it was now time to introduce Sebastian to his team.  Accompanied by his father and Joe McDonough, Sebastian entered the locker room for the first time.  Sebastian was presented with his very own uniform, socks, and ball signed by all of the players – he was now ready to lead the Fight onto the pitch for the coin toss and national anthem.

After the match, Sebastian and his family got to be part of his first team photo, a picture that the Fight will all cherish forever.

Through the Fight’s online donation website, donations from attendees and local businesses and the raffle and jersey auction the Fight were able to raise just over $8,000 for The B+ Foundation.

We want to thank the Philadelphia Fight, their sponsors, and fans for their tremendous support of The B+ Foundation and our FIGHT against childhood cancer.  You made B+ Hero Sebastian’s day and, for a few days at least, provided him and his family with a wonderful distraction from his battle against childhood cancer.  And, because of your fundraising efforts, we will be able to lessen the financial burden on 10 families of kids with cancer.  You not only are paying their bills, but you are giving them HOPE.  FIGHT ON!”

– Joe McDonough, Founder and President of The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation.



The Philadelphia Fight would like to say a big thank you to everyone who made the day as special as it was.  Without our fans, volunteers, sponsors and partners, this day would have never come to fruition.


Thank you to all!

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