2015 USARL 9s Invitational Halted by Thunderstorms

The Philadelphia Fight and the Jamaican Reggae Warriors shared the 2015 USARL 9’s championship. After a day of brilliant Rugby 9’s action, the Final was played under rainy and thunder storming conditions. The match had to be called off at half time at a 6-6 draw due to lightning.

Two MVPs have been named for the Tournament, Australian Import of the Philadelphia Fight Rhys Bowdich and Jamaican standout Renaldo Wade.
Rhys in action

The Philadelphia second rower was in the thick of it from the beginning of the tournament. Rhys put in his normal blue collar performance, putting the Fight on the front foot. Rhys made multiple hitups, line breaks, tackles, and try assists. He also scored 6 tries throughout the tournament.

Renaldo Wade

Renaldo Wade was outstanding for the Jamaican Reggae Warriors. Renaldo was able to use his blistering speed and mesmerizing footwork to create holes for himself as well as his teammates. Renaldo went over the white wash an astonishing 9 times during the tournament. He was also converted many of those tries, including the try at the buzzer to get his team into the Semi-Finals against the Brantford Broncos.

Results by Game

Pool Play

Game 1 Fight def. Broncos

Game 2 Reggae Warriors def. Kings

Game 3 Echidna def. Royals

Game 4 Slayers def. Black Foxes

Game 5 Fight def. Reggae Warriors

Game 6 Broncos def. Kings

Game 7 Echidnas def. Slayers

Game 8 Royals def. Black Foxes

Game 9 Fight def. Kings

Game 10 Broncos def. Reggae Warriors

Game 11 Echidnas def. Black Foxes

Game 12 Royals def. Slayers

Group Knockout

Game 12 Fight def. Kings

Game 13 Reggae Warriors def. Broncos

Game 14 Echidnas def. Black Foxes

Game 15 Royals def. Slayers


Game 16 Reggae Warrior def. Echidnas

Game 17 Fight def. Royals

Grand Final

Game 18 Fight draw Reggae Warriors (could not complete due to weather)

Check out the photos from the day here (Photos Courtesy of Gene Thorpe Photography)

Check out video from the day here (Video Courtesy of 37 Media Group)

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