Fight Cut Through Opponents to Get to Grand Final

The Fight’s first match in group play was against the Brantford Broncos, one of two teams who traveled down from Canada. The match, which opened up the 2015 9’s Invitational, saw some great footy being played. At halftime the scores were leveled, 10-10; however, The Fight were able to clamp down defensively and score two quick tries leaving the final score 18-10.

The Fight’s second match in group play was against the Jamaican Reggae Warriors. The Fight were tested by a big, strong and fast Jamaican side. The final score of the match ended with the Fight over the Reggae Warrior by a score of 14-4.

The Fight’s final match in group play was against the Brooklyn Kings. The Fight made short work of the Brooklyn Kings side in this match. Many of the meters were gained by the quick outside backs of the Fight. The final score ended with the Fight over the Reggae warriors by a score of 26-4.

At the end of the group play, teams were reseeded and played in an intergroup play.

The Fight, who were seeded first in their group, squared off in their first playoff match again against the Brooklyn Kings. This time, the Kings were ready to take on the defending 9s champions. The halftime score was 6-4 in what was nail biter! However, during the second half, The Fight’s veterans took over the game. The final score was 22-8 in the favor of the Fight.

Big Tackle

In the Semi Final, the Fight squared off against the other Canadian team, the Ontario Royals. The match was a hard fought one which seesawed back and forth. The Canadians put the Fight’s defense to the test test forcing multiple sets within the Fight’s 10 meter line. The Fight bent but never broke, as the Fight went on to win the game 18-12.

The Grand Final was set as the Fight were to rematch against the Jamaican Reggae Warriors. The Jamaicans opened the scoring with a try right under the uprights in the first minute off of a mistake from the Fight. However, the Fight retaliated with a try and conversion of their own 2 minutes later. From there, it was an arm wrestle with both teams trying to capitalize on their opponents mistakes. Ultimately, the final was called off at half time due to the thunder and lightning with the scores level 6-6.


The Fight’s 18 man squad for the 2015 9s tournament:

  1. Roman Lowery
  2. Dave Walters
  3. Tristan Sylk
  4. Joel Beasley
  5. Mike Timpano
  6. Pat Quirk (A)
  7. Rich Henson (C)
  8. James Coleman
  9. Jared Frymoyer (A)
  10. John Lyons
  11. Mike Kelly
  12. Rhys Bowdich
  13. Mike Garvey
  14. Joe Cesario
  15. Casey Clark
  16. Fraser Stirling
  17. Thomas Madden
  18. Brian Madden
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