Round 2 Recap: Fight Fall to the Black Foxes

For the second time in as many weeks, the Fight loose a tough match to the Delaware Black Foxes by a score of 28 – 40.

Traveling down I-95, The Fight took on their cross-state Rivals the Delaware Black Foxes. Due to injuries the Fight were only able to travel down with 16 men.  An injury to Fight winger Brian Madden left the club to just 15 men before kickoff.

The Fight started out the way they had planned, travelling down the field on the first set. A high kick was then put up to the left side of the field, and the Delaware Black Foxes winger knocked it on, giving the Fight their first repeat set. Two plays later, Fight captain Rich Henson, who recently switched from 5/8 to hooker, darted over from dummyhalf. The try was converted by Mike Timpano.

However, the Black Foxes were able to strike back on their first possession. A line break in the middle of the field followed by an offload saw the Black Foxes import player Halfback Brock McKenzie score under the sticks. The try was converted by McKenzie.

The Fight were able to get on the board for two quick scores by right center Dave Walters. Walters first try came off the back of another dart Henson made for the corner but was stopped short of the line. Henson was able to produce an offload to Walters who was able to go over for his first of the season. Walters second try came from a nice passing play from right to left. Both tries were converted by Timpano. By the 20th minute, the Fight were up 16-6.

However, The Black Foxes came back and scored another one of their own almost immediately, cutting the Fight’s lead to 6 points.  By the 25th minute the Fight’s lead was cut to 16 – 12.

The Fight were able to get another try on the stroke of halftime. It was similar to the second try Walters scored. The Fight set up right, to come back left. The try was finished by Dave Wilmore and once again converted by Timpano.

At halftime, the score was 24-12.

At the start of halftime, the Fight continued to apply pressure on the Black Foxes, as Henson scored another try from a dart out of dummyhalf, getting his second on the night. The try was not converted. This would be the last try the Fight would get on the evening.

Immediately following the try, the Fight were dealt a blow when their newly appointed 5/8th Gabriel Farley went off from injury and did not return. Once Farley went off, the amount of direction missed was noticeable.

The Black Foxes took full advantage of the misdirection from the Fight and scored two quick tries. By the 55th minute the score was 28 – 22.

The Foxes continued the applying the pressure and tied the match at the 65th minute. The Foxes were on a roll, and were able to finish off the Fight scoring two more tries. By Fulltime, the Black Foxes defeated the Fight by a score of 40 – 28.

The Fight will continue their 2017 season next week with their first home match against the NOVA Eagles. The Fight will look to correct their losing streak.

Come out and support your Fight.

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