Seven Fight Players will Represent the USA; Three to Debut

The Fight will be heavily represented during the next test match between the USA and Canada.

Casey Clark, Andrew Kneisly, and Rich Henson will all return to the side, but they will be added by four members of the Fight.  Mike Timpano, Jared Frymoyer, Roman Lowery and Zac Reichenbach (all pictured below) have been selected as members of the next test match in October.

Mike Timpano 2015 Jared Frymoyer 2015 Roman Lowery 2015 Zac Reichenbach 2015






Timpano, Lowery and Reichenbach will don the USA jersey for their first time.

“It’s an honor to be named to the side,” added Timpano. “When I was selected to the 35-man select pool earlier in the season, I knew I had a chance to make the final cut, so I stepped up my training.” His training paid off as he will be playing his first cap for the USA Hawks in just two weeks.

This will be Frymoyer’s 3rd cap. He was selected to the first game, but had to withdraw due to injury.”I’m excited to get a chance to show what I can do after being unavailable for the first match (USA vs. Canada in September),” stated Frymoyer.


Frymoyer was able to represent the USA last year in Hawaii, and his debut came in 2009 against Canada in Toronto. In his first match against Canada, he took home man-of-the-match honors; however, he did that from the wing. This game he’s slated to play in hooker. “It will be a different experience, for sure,” continued Fymoyer.

The match will be played once again at the home of the Philadelphia Fight at AA Garthwaite Stadium in Conshohocken, PA at 3pm on October 18.

For more information on the decider for the Colonial Cup Match, visit the USARL Website.

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