The 2015 USARL 9′s Rugby League Invitational is Set to Kickoff

The 2015 USARL 9′s Invitational is set to kickoff  on Saturday May 16, 2015!
First kickoff at 10AM!


The 2014 9′s champions, the Philadelphia Fight, are set to defend their title once more! 8 teams from around the world will compete in the 2015 USARL 9′s Invitational. The Invitational will be held at the home pitch of the Fight, AA Garthwaite Stadium in Conshohocken, PA (Harry St and E 11th Ave, Conshohocken, PA 19428) .


Teams will be split into 2 Groups.

Group 1- Philadelphia Fight, Brantford Broncos (Canada), Jamaica Reggae Warrior A, Brooklyn Kings

Group 2- New England Echidnas (Australia), Ontario Royals (Canada), DC Slayers, Delaware Black Foxes


Group Play

The 2015 USARL 9′s Invitational will open up with inter group play where each team will play every team in their respective groups once. Teams will then be ranked from 1-4 in each group based off record then point differential then tries scored. Then the Group Knockout round will begin after rankings have been complete.

Group Knockout Play

Each group will be ranked 1-4. Once completed, teams square off : 1v4, 2v3. The winner of each game will go on the Playoff Round; each group will advance 2 teams to the Playoff Round.

Playoff Round

Teams will be reseeded for the Playoff Round


1 v 4

2 v 3

Consolation Match

GRAND FINAL (7:30pm)

First kickoff is scheduled to begin at 10AM! A beer garden will be open at 5pm for the Playoff Round.

Tickets are available from MoreThanTheCurve!

Pricing starts at just $5.00

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